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Client and Service Focus
Global consultancy for Government seeks to modernize the management structure by generating user fees from the projects to service the financing and other operating costs while emphasizing efficiency and control in application of the resources.



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Public Mass Transit System

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Our Service Charter

In servicing clients, Global embraces the values of integrity, fairness, intellectual honesty, teamwork and continuous learning as indispensable to achieving long-term success.

Our work as consultants does not terminate with the linkage. We engage in partnerships with the recipients to develop a workable management design for the project. For our Government clients we encourage development of a management roadmap for transition from a public-private partnership to a private sector management structure.

OPIC Selects Global Resource Managers Inc as Loan Originator

Project Development Services
Our project development team invests enormous time and resources to articulate project concepts relevant to the emerging economies. We also have strong contacts and relationships in the US as well as in Africa Caribbean, South and Central America for marketing our project concepts.


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Housing Projects                                 Water Systems



Shopping Centers / Markets              City Rest Stop

Electronic Voting Systems

Bottled Water

Rural Electricity

Renewable Solar Energy


Global has made popular, in the developing countries, the idea of private funding, management and monitor of Government projects.

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